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Affordable Web Design, Site Hosting and Domain Registration.

H. D. Specialties Web Design will create your business or personal website for some of the most affordable prices on the internet. We quote your price up front and we try to include all setup charges, domain registration and any other required fees in the quote for setting up your webiste.

H. D. Specialties Web Design has a low cost domain registration service if you wish to create your own domain names or the domain registration can be included in the setup of your website.

If you have HTML abilities and wish to maintain or create your own site, we will host your site on our servers and give you the ability to FTP to your site to upload pages. You can have Frontpage Extensions, SSL, CGI and more for the type of domain support.


WEB Design with a registered (YOURBUSINESS.COM) domain name.

We will register your the domain name of your choice, subject to availablitiy, design your WEB Page and place it on our domain server.

Up to Seven, 5k-byte pages, 2-3 graphics per page, formatting, proofing of provided material, links.

  • Design, layout and 'standard' HTML coding of each page; you may provide text (copy) as either ASCII text format or Microsoft Word format
  • Existing and scanable logos or graphics
  • Three E-Mail accounts plus forwarding to existing E-mail account.
  • A listing on Local Sites if local directories available
  • Forward and backward linked pages

Basic WEB Page Design $450.00 Setup
Quarterly Hosting Charge $50.00 Per Qtr
WEB Site Updates and Changes $30.00 Hour

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